Top tournaments in...

1TCEC 20 Premier INT20203862.5
2TCEC 18 Premier INT20203742.13
35th TCEC Cup INT20203739.16
4TCEC 19 Premier INT20203501.75
5Clutch Chess Showdown INT20202799.55
6Legends of Chess INT20202792.05
7Carlsen Tour Final INT20202790.43
8Chessable Masters Final INT20202788.18
9Chessable Masters INT20202786.17
10Carlsen Inv INT20202784.81
11Clutch Champions INT20202784
12FIDE Candidates 2020Yekaterinburg RUS20202773.5
13Chessbrah Inv May INT20202770.37 Speed INT20202758.18
15Lindores Abbey INT20202756.92
16Lindores Abbey Final INT20202754.26
17Chess24 Banter Final INT20202753.32
18Chessable Masters INT20202751.67
19Legends of Chess INT20202743.09
2082nd Tata Steel GpAWijk aan Zee NED20202740.64