Hurdzan, Tomas 2317 Babazada, Khazar 2409 A22 2020 ½-½ 134 Game overview Download PGN
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Hurdzan, Tomas (2317) - Babazada, Khazar (2409) - Euro Online Blitz Quali (5.106), Tornelo INT, 2020
1.c4 Nf6 2.Nc3 e5 3.g3 Nc6 4.Bg2 g6 5.e3 Bg7 6.Nge2 O-O 7.O-O d6 8.Rb1 Be6 9.Nd5 Bxd5 10.cxd5 Ne7 11.Nc3 Qd7 12.b4 Nh5 13.e4 Rae8 14.d3 Kh8 15.b5 Nf6 16.Qa4 b6 17.Bg5 Nfg8 18.Qc2 f5 19.exf5 Nxf5 20.a4 Nd4 21.Qd1 Rf7 22.Be3 Nf5 23.Ne4 h6 24.Rc1 Ref8 25.Qe2 Nge7 26.Bh3 Nxd5 27.Bg2 Ndxe3 28.fxe3 d5 29.Nc3 d4 30.exd4 Qxd4+ 31.Kh1 Nd6 32.Ne4 Nf5 33.Rfe1 Rd7 34.Bf1 Nd6 35.Nxd6 cxd6 36.Bg2 Rf2 37.Qe4 Qxe4 38.dxe4 Kh7 39.Rf1 Ra2 40.Rc4 Re7 41.Rd1 Rf2 42.Rf1 Rd2 43.Re1 Rd4 44.Rec1 Rxc4 45.Rxc4 Bf6 46.Rc6 Rd7 47.Bf3 h5 48.Kg2 Kg7 49.Be2 Kf7 50.Bc4+ Ke7 51.Bd5 Bg5 52.Rc2 Be3 53.Re2 Bc5 54.Re1 Rc7 55.Rf1 Ke8 56.Bc6+ Ke7 57.Bd5 Ke8 58.Bc6+ Kd8 59.Rf8+ Ke7 60.Re8+ Kf7 61.Rd8 Kf6 62.Rd7 Rc8 63.Rxa7 Rf8 64.Bd5 Kg5 65.h4+ Kh6 66.Rd7 g5 67.hxg5+ Kxg5 68.Rg7+ Kh6 69.Re7 Rf2+ 70.Kh3 Rf1 71.Re8 Rh1+ 72.Kg2 Rg1+ 73.Kf3 Ra1 74.Rh8+ Kg6 75.Rg8+ Kf6 76.Rh8 Ra3+ 77.Kg2 Kg6 78.Bc6 Ra2+ 79.Kh3 Rxa4 80.Rg8+ Kf7 81.Bd5+ Kf6 82.Rh8 Kg6 83.Rg8+ Kh7 84.Rg5 Kh6 85.Rg8 Ra1 86.Rh8+ Kg6 87.Rg8+ Kh7 88.Rg5 Kh6 89.Rg8 Rh1+ 90.Kg2 Rb1 91.Bc6 Rb2+ 92.Kh3 Bg1 93.Rh8+ Kg5 94.Rg8+ Kf6 95.g4 Be3 96.gxh5 Bf4 97.Rg6+ Ke7 98.Bd5 Rh2+ 99.Kg4 Rg2+ 100.Kf5 Rh2 101.Kg4 Rg2+ 102.Kf5 Rh2 103.Rg7+ Kf8 104.Rf7+ Ke8 105.Rh7 Bc1 106.Ke6 Kf8 107.Kxd6 Bf4 108.Kc6 Be3 109.Kd6 Bd4 110.Rf7+ Ke8 111.Rf5 Bc5+ 112.Ke6 Kd8 113.Rxe5 Bd4 114.Rf5 Kc7 115.Rf7+ Kd8 116.Rh7 Rf2 117.Bc6 Rf6+ 118.Kd5 Bb2 119.Rh8+ Kc7 120.Rh7+ Kd8 121.Rd7+ Kc8 122.Re7 Rh6 123.Be8 Kd8 124.Re6 Rxe6 125.Kxe6 Kxe8 126.Kd6 Kf7 127.e5 Ba3+ 128.Kc6 Bc5 129.h6 Kg6 130.e6 Kxh6 131.e7 Bxe7 132.Kxb6 Bd8+ 133.Kc6 Kg6 134.b6 Bxb6 ½-½
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