Pavlidis, Antonios (2532) - Sarana, Alexey (2457) - European Rapid 2016 (7.29), Tallinn EST, 2016
1.e4 e5 2.Nf3 Nc6 3.Bc4 Bc5 4.b4 Bxb4 5.c3 Ba5 6.d4 exd4 7.O-O Nge7 8.cxd4 d5 9.exd5 Nxd5 10.Ba3 Be6 11.Qb3 Qd7 12.Nbd2 Nb6 13.Bxe6 fxe6 14.Ne4 Qd5 15.Nc5 O-O-O 16.Nxe6 Rd7 17.Rac1 Re8 18.Nf8 Qxb3 19.axb3 Rd5 20.Nxh7 Nxd4 21.Nxd4 Rxd4 22.Bc5 Rh4 23.Ng5 Bd2 24.Nf3 Bxc1 25.Nxh4 Bb2 26.Nf3 Nd5 27.Rb1 Bf6 28.Kf1 a5 29.Rd1 Nc3 30.Rc1 Rd8 31.g4 a4 32.bxa4 Nxa4 33.g5 Nxc5 34.gxf6 Nd3 35.Ra1 gxf6 36.h4 Nf4 37.Ke1 Rd3 38.Ng1 Ng2+ 39.Ke2 Rd4 40.h5 Nf4+ 41.Ke3 Rb4 42.h6 Nd5+ 43.Kf3 Rh4 44.Ra8+ Kd7 45.Rh8 Ne7 46.Ne2 Ng6 47.Rh7+ Kd6 48.Kg3 Rh5 49.Kg4 Rg5+ 50.Kf3 Ne5+ 51.Ke4 f5+ 52.Ke3 b5 53.Nd4 b4 54.Nb5+ Kc6 55.Nd4+ Kd6 56.Nb5+ Kc6 57.Nd4+ Kd5 58.Rxc7 Rh5 59.Nb3 Rh3+ 60.Kf4 Rxb3 61.Kxf5 Rf3+ 62.Kg5 Rf7 63.Rc1 b3 64.f4 Nd3 65.Rd1 Ke4 66.Kg6 Rb7 67.h7 Nxf4+ 68.Kh6 Rb6+ 69.Kg7 Nh5+ 70.Kf8 Rb8+ 71.Kf7 Rb7+ 72.Kg6 Nf4+ 73.Kh6 Rb6+ 74.Kg7 Nh5+ 75.Kf8 Rb8+ 76.Kf7 Nf4 77.Rb1 Rb7+ 78.Kf6 Rb6+ 79.Kf7 Rb7+ 80.Kf6 Rxh7 81.Rxb3 Rh6+ 82.Kf7 Rh7+ 83.Kf6 Nd5+ 84.Kg6 Rh1 85.Rb2 Rg1+ 86.Kf7 Ra1 87.Re2+ Kf5 88.Rf2+ Nf4 89.Ke7 Rd1 90.Rf3 Ke4 91.Rf2 Ra1 92.Rb2 Ra7+ 93.Kd6 Ra6+ 94.Kd7 Ke5 95.Rd2 Ne6 96.Re2+ Kd5 97.Rd2+ Nd4 98.Ke7 Ke5 99.Kf7 Rf6+ 100.Ke7 Rh6 101.Kf7 Rh7+ 102.Kg6 Rh1 103.Kf7 Rg1 104.Ra2 Rf1+ 105.Ke7 Nc6+ 106.Kd7 Rc1 107.Re2+ Kd5 108.Rd2+ Kc5 109.Ke6 Nd4+ 110.Kd7 Rf1 111.Ke7 Kd5 112.Rd3 Ke5 113.Re3+ Kf4 114.Ra3 Rd1 115.Kf6 Rb1 116.Ra2 Rb6+ 117.Ke7 Ke5 118.Ra5+ Nb5 119.Kd7 Kf6 120.Ra1 Rd6+ 121.Kc8 Rc6+ 122.Kb7 Re6 123.Ra6 Nd6+ 124.Kc7 Ke7 125.Rc6 Rf6 126.Kb6 Kd7 127.Rc7+ Ke6 128.Kc5 Rf5+ 129.Kb4 Rf4+ 130.Kb3 Kd5 131.Rd7 Rf3+ 132.Kc2 Ke5 133.Rd8 Ne4 134.Re8+ ½-½
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